Data analysis

We help you to organise your data and get the most out of it to make better decisions and generate results.

Why choose our Data Analysis and Interpretation service?

Data analytics turns raw data into useful, actionable and valuable information through a range of tools, technologies and processes that help us find trends and solve problems.

We analyse for you

We study with you your business and the objectives you want to achieve in order to design a plan completely tailored to your needs.

We observe
at 360°

We run an analysis on all your digital platforms: social networks, website, online shop, blog, etc.

We draw

We have the agility to customise the service you need, and co-create it with you according to your needs.

Analysing and interpreting data with Matinum: how it works

Our data analysis and interpretation service turns raw data into useful, practical and valuable information to find trends in your business and act on improvement solutions in an informed way.

recolección de datos

Data collection

According to the agreed metrics and periods, we collect the data from your platforms and sort it through queries and formulas.

visualización de datos

Data visualisation

We produce intuitive graphs and dashboards that allow you to observe the evolution according to the periods indicated.

action plan

Reports and action plan

We produce regular comprehensive reports, with indications on possible improvements and solutions to be integrated.

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