Call Center

We turn your customers' concerns into added value for your company.

Why hire our Call Center services?

Custom designed support

Your customers will perceive that it is your own staff who attends them, since our customer service team will know perfectly the treatment and the image of your brand.


Your customers will find a dedicated and prepared support, which attends them with fast and efficient solutions, without collapse or wasted calls.

Higher productivity and lower costs

Hiring our Call Center service will allow you to free up time to dedicate to more important tasks; in addition, the fact of not having internal investments will mean a significant cost reduction for your company.

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At Matinum we have a specialized team in telephone answering and call management, capable of providing flexible solutions adapted to the needs of your company, guaranteeing a quality service.

You will no longer have to invest in infrastructure and internal staff to have an efficient customer service department: by outsourcing your Call Center service with Matinum, the queries about your products or services will become an added value, without collapse of any kind, and – most importantly – with the total satisfaction of your customers.



Our call center service, both for consumers and companies, is composed of a team specialized in your company’s products or services. Matinum can provide the necessary technical support to solve all your customers’ doubts.


Community Management

In addition to call management, our Call Center service can provide customer service on social networks, since consumers expect quick and efficient responses to their concerns. Matinum will be your trusted community manager!


Other kind of supports

We can manage other types of support, such as outsourcing the call management service for the search and recruitment of employees or the commercial support you need to free your employees from the burden of arranging commercial visits.